Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frames "distressed" with Black Glaze

"tawk" of the day_ "People will let you down, but God never will"..


A friend of ours recently was getting rid of these 3 picture frames and I immediately spoke up :)
I saw great potential and couldn't wait to add some spark..
I loved the little design in the corners--they look old and I love old stuff.

First, I primed with Krylon's primer *Note* I do not care for this brand of primer.. It felt like I was priming foreverrrr... like 5 coats...
 I think I'll stick to KILZ primer from now on :) It's like $2 more, but one coat and your done!
Anything that saves time, I'm there!!.. I have a little one and it's hard to get time to do this stuff.
Sorry no picture with the primer :(

Next is about 3 coats of this baby, BANNER RED from Krylon.
I'm a lover of spray paint.. I have yet to work on a project without spray paint.  This is because I hate brush marks!!  And again, the time thing.. spray paint cuts time more than half!!!!

So, after you give yourself some time drying between coats (only about a half hour) You end up with frames that look like this:: A little boring, BUT I'm not finished..

Grab your Behr tintable glaze in BLACK!  I got mine at Home Depot for around 26$ total of a quart of glaze and a quart of FLAT black paint from Behr.  
 I REALLY wanted to try Ralph Lauren's faux tintable glaze, but I learned that Home Depot carries Martha instead now... boo :(  And I did not want to buy it online, beings it would cost me 27$ for a quart *already tinted with black. Oh wells.
Home Depot will NOT mix them for you (although I've heard if you ask real politely they will.. I had no luck with that and so I had to go home and mix it myself :( ..4 parts glaze for 1 part paint 
(Yeaa, my husband Jason had to explain that for me very slowly.. I'm a true blond!) 
You DO NOT need a lot for a project, even a big project..
My husband picked me up a bucket with a lid so the mix could just store it in there.
Hence, why I only purchased a quart.. I heard it'll last 6 BIG projects.

This could seem a little tricky, but really, if I could do it ANYONE can..
I used one my new Perdy brushes and dipped it into the glaze..
I started to lather it on the corners of each frame.. ONE corner at a time because you do not want the glaze to start to dry.

Have a rag near by to do this next part.. 
My husband has a bag full of rags so I grabbed one of those :)
Start by 'gently' wiping away the glaze and dabbing around and in the crevices of the designed corners.. I really wanted the design stand out so I tried not to let too much glaze in the crevices so you can really see the detail :)  just keep wiping and blending so you do not have 'messy dry marks at the ends of your swipes.. IF YOU DO NOT like the unkept dry glaze marks you can dab your cloth into some water and blend the dry marks into the frame.

Once you do one project with this you will know how to work with it :)
As you see in this next picture.. I took a picture with one corner done and one not done..
Look how much the glaze changes the whole look of the frame!!!


I decided they will hang on my bedroom wall :)

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