Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makeup Haul*

'Tawk' of the day "Instead of grumbling because of what you don't have, be thankful you don't get what you deserve."

Hi friends :)
Today will be a makeup haul, I'm so excited about the new goodies I bought yesterday!
My mom and I made a trip to one of our favorite places, Sephora :)
I had a few things to return (76$ worth of stuff)  I love when I have returns, it's like I have {free} money to play with @Sephora... (Not really, but it seems like it lol)
**Note** Sephora is WONDERFUL w/ returning items, even if you misplace your receipt!
(keep that in mind) 
Anyways, the 2 brands of makeup I normally purchase are Tarte and Makeup Forever. 
I love Tarte mainly because it's ingredients are all natural and NOT tested on animals.. so if you have allergies to makeup, check into Tarte--Chances are your skin may be able to handle it!
So these are the goods I bought:

These are a promotion Tarte is having right now; 5, yes 5!, lipsticks for $29!!
It's literally a deal of a lifetime--I couldn't pass this up.. Reg. 24$ EA.!
Savings= $91
I love the way these feel on my lips and the pigments are great!

Left to Right:  Glitzy, Perky, Flashy, Swank, Dazzled.
Not sure if I like ALL the colors, but for 29$ I'll learn to like them haa.
(What colors you may not like, make stocking stuffers:)

This is my FAVORITE eye shadow in the whole world.  If they stop making it, I might cry.
(This is my 3rd purchase of this color..)
#76 by Makeup Forever
Very nude color, but enough to tell you have something on.  It goes with anything, day or night.
These eye shadows go for 19$ a pop.

(Since we are on the subject of makeup I thought I'd just throw in some of my everyday fav's) ::

Here are my two favorite Tarte colors of the moment, Exposed and Joy.
Exposed is a matte pinkish color
Joy is a glossy orangey color and I may like this one a little more.

These are my 'everyday' brushes.. I use the top brush for all over the lid and the bottom for the crease.
Top:: MAC (#239 .. $24.50)  Lasts forever you'll probably never have to buy another one.
Bottom:: ELF  (Angle brush .. $3.00!, you can't beat it!!)

Laura Mercier eye shadow in Whiskey.
Not sure on the price of this one because my aunt gave it to me and I haven't had to buy another one yet.
And the store at Ross Park DOES NOT carry it.. so it may just be online purchase only... I really hope they didn't discontinue this one.
I use this color in my crease and the Makeup Forever #76 all over my eye pallet.

From left:  Sonia Kashuk (got it in the discount bin @Target.. don't know if she carries this color anymore (??.. name of color wore off).. but for $2 something I grabbed it!)  I think it's a blush, but I use it as a contour.
Maybelline ONE by ONE mascara (Love it.. and it's waterproof!)
Too Faced eye shadow primer ($19 @Sephora)  This stuff really works!
Makeup Forever foundation (given to me by my aunt so I'm not sure the price)

RIMMEL London eye liner in Panama
As you can see I'm getting every $2 dollars worth of this baby :)
This is my absolute FAV. liner!  It's not too dark and wears nice all day
So there you have it, the inside scoop on my most used 'everyday' makeup wear :)

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