Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Painted {inside} Glass Pear Container

'Tawk' of the day "Am I the only one who is annoyed with 'FML' ??.. Life is one of the greatest gifts you can receive.. Life is all what you make it ♥"  (I get so sick of seeing this on Facebook!!)

:) (:
So while on my daily blog surfing, I came across something really neat.
It was a painted glass pear-shaped container
the container was painted... {ON THE INSIDE!!}

 This is a picture of Sweet Something Designs version of the glass pear-shaped container ::
Learn how she did it here

This is my Version ::
I was at the local GOODWILL and found an almost EXACT jar!! :) I was so happy
Only $1.99 -- {sweeeet}

This project was {cake}.. yes, that easy..
All you do is {pour} in some paint.. and swirl the container around, covering every inch of the glass.
Do the same with the lid..
Once you have all the glass covered, hold it upside down and let the extra drip out. (it may take a little bit)
***Note :: DO NOT try painting the inside with a brush, I made this mistake and had to scrap the paint out and start all over.. 
Pouring paint in the jar gets it an EVEN COVERAGE..
With the brush, you can see ALL the uneven coverage and streaks when the light shines through it, it looks HORRIBLE!!!

This is the paint I used ::
It is Sherwin Williams Latex paint..
It was leftover paint we used for the bathroom!

So what do you think?! 
Go make one, it's fun and easy :)

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