Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rolled Fabric Flower Pillow

Tawk of the day:: "If you don't have anything nice to say... COME SIT BY ME!!" Steel Magnolias.. I luv this movie.

So I've been seeing these Rolled Fabric Flowers EVERYWHERE..
And as you seen earlier, I had done a wreath with rolled flowers all over it.
I seen a rolled fabric flower pillow on Jones Design Company
Here is hers::

Here is mine! ::

Learn to make your own, ... 

Grab an old raggy t shirt and a large dinner size plate.

Trace the plate onto the shirt, cut it out.

Now that you have your circle cut out, mark the middle with a sharpie so you know where to start the flower. .. [an easy way to find the middle without using tape measure... fold the circle in half, then in half again..]
This circle is going to be the backing of your flower!

Now get your fabric you want the flower made out of and cut a very long strip..
Knot the end of the fabric (this will be the center of the flower)

Cut the excess fabric so you have JUST the knot.

Hot glue the knot to the DOT in the circle.

After that is dry, start turning your fabric AWAY from the knot as you are turning the circle counter clock ways.
Glue as you go so you don't lose its shape & so it stays put!  I pretty much did so much & glued.. then i went back and glued the rest between each glue.. (yeaa that sounds pretty confusing, but you'll see what i mean..)

This is my Rolled Fabric Flower after I ran out of my first piece of fabric..

Just kind of twist the new piece of fabric at the ends (don't knot again), and glue where you left off with the last piece.

Okay.. after you have the circle completed.. 
See all the extra white from the shirt?.. CUT IT OFF CAREFULLY so only the flower is showing.

Now flip the flower over and hot glue the edges (not too much)
[I kind of glued a dab and smeared it along the edges... smear it with the gun, NOT YOUR FINGER.. lol]

This is my pillow.. I was going to hot glue it so i covered the light blue square completely, but the flower wasn't big enough! :( .. So I just flipped the pillow over and glued it smack dab in the center.

This is such an easy craft to do.
It brings life to a very boring pillow!

My husband says it looks like a nest..
So either way it looks pretty :)
I have another pillow just like this so I might either do the exact same thing to it, or do a bunch of little flowers.. not sure yet.. if it's different, I'll post pictures!! :)


  1. Awesome blog Jordann! I'll have to try one of those pillows! I wish we lived closer so that we could do crafts together!! :)

  2. Thanks, Elise! The only thing with these pillows is, i don't think you'd be able to wash them, i don' t think the hot glue would hold up, but o wells :) they are really just for show anyways.. Yes, I wish we lived closer too! Are you into crafts?? I just started being this crafty since i've been a stay at home mom. There is only soo much cleaning you can do right?. lol
    Hope all is well with you! Take care :) xox