Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to make the T Shirt Flower!

Tawk of the day:: 
thank God for this day, this family, this home
use kind words-obey your parents-always tell the truth
encourage your siblings-share in their joy
give your guest your best
there is no mine in this house-it’s all God’s
husband, love your wife-wife, always be on his side
be creative at all times
act responsibly, be respectful, choose wisely
you can never do wrong by doing right
say what you are sorry for-forgiveness is mandatory
Love the Lord your God

Before I get started.. I just want everyone reading this to know that I AM NOT taking credit for this flower.. I DID NOT come up with how to make it.
A fellow blogger/friend asked me to show her how to make this::
So here are my own pictures, but same procedure as the person I got the idea from,


  1. Hey there Jordan! So nice tomeet you and your blog is really cool too.Im a Newbie in blogland as well and Im your newest follower:) please stop over and chat and follow me as well we can learn together.Deidre~

  2. Awe, thank you soooo much Deidre :) That means a lot!! I will check your blog out as well:) Yes, we definitely will -- Talk soon!