Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY Original Vintage Bird-Decor

Tawk of the day::
Shout outs to my mother-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Can I just say that I am very excited because today I found out that a handful of people have 'pinned' my ruffle burlap lampshades on Pinterest.com ?? 
Yeaa, to some bloggers it may seem a little silly that I'm excited over that, but I do not care.. It makes me feel good lol.
Soooo anyways I do have a project to show today.. I do not have pictures of step-by-step, but I have typed out a description of the process and pictures of the finished product!
Here is what I'll be telling you about today::

If you are like me and do not have updated cabinets in your kichen then you may like these.
Right now we don't plan to update them because we plan to expand our teeny tiny kitchen in the future.. 
(the far future lol)
So I decided to make something that would take alllll the attention off the 'oldness' of them.
I came up with this idea.. I think it spruces them up a bit.

Here is what you will need::
-Old book pages
-Burlap squares
-Computer Printer
-Scrap pieces of cardboard
-Hot Glue Gun
1.)  Start by cutting your book pages in half.
(my book was just a small dictionary)
2.)  Now take one piece of that paper & start rolling from one corner, creating a cone-like shape.
(the bottom of your rolled cone should be near pointy)
3.) Dab a dot of glue to hold together.
4.)  When you have about 25 to 30 cones, start gluing your cones together.
(be sure to line up the tips of your cones so eventually when you're done you'll have an almost perfect 'hole/circle' in the center.)
5.)  Light a candle.  *BE SURE TO BE NEXT TO THE KICHEN SINK*  Now hold your project over the flame 'til it catches 'fire'.  Blow it out quickly over a sink and with your finger, tap the 'now ashy' paper to remove the black flakes.  Go around the whole edge of the project..
6.) You can fun the 'face' of the project over the flame so it 'browns' the paper coloring, making it look old!
7.)  Some of the glue may come loose doing this.. so just make sure you reapply glue to restore it! ;)
8.)  Next, cut 2 squares of burlap about 3x3 inches.  Hot glue both on top of eachother and glue to the center of your project covering the 'hole'
9.)  Since my kitchen is a bird-theme, I wanted to spruce up this by adding a printed template bird silhouette to the center.  So I took a plain piece of paper from the dictionary, and 'taped' it to a sheet of computer paper.
10.)  I went on google images and snagged a bird shot and when I printed it, it printed right onto the book page.
11.)  Cut out the bird print (into a smaller square than the burlap) and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard.  Cut the cardboard now to fit the print out.
12.)  With your scrap cardboard, cut some circles out & hot glue them to the back of the project, providing as a sturdy base.
13.)  Now add some ribbon to the back of the project and 'tack' the project to your cabinets!!
14.)  I made 6 of these things and I absolutely think they add enough creativity to the look of my kitchen without looking too cheap.

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  1. Very cute! I love the idea! I have some old music sheets i might do this with!