Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Next to nothing Elegant Shade!

tawk of the day .. What's your greatest thrift store find? .. I'd prolly have to say mine would be this really cool vintage style frame.. It is of plastic, but looks like real wood.. It's awesome..

So today, my friend Lisa and I took a trip to good ole' Gabriel Brothers.. I was so excited to find out that my $15.00 pack of 2 curtains I had picked out rang up $3.00! .. and my $5.00 fleece throw rang up $3.00! .. Talk about a steal!! 
Then we made a trip down to Goodwill on our way home where I came across a $3.99 lamp!
{score} .. 
I brought it home and grabbed an old lampshade I had stored in my craft closet..

Meet my plain jane white lampshade::

I put it on my *new* old lampstand.. It looked perfect with the stand, but the shade was just bland..
It needed something!

So I came up with this::

I absolutely love how it turned out!
It's the first thing I notice when I enter the living room!

All you need is a hot glue gun and some thin fabric..
I cut my fabric in long strips and grabbed the middle string of the fabric strip.
I kept scrunching it until I reached the end of the strip.

Next I hot glued the ruffles on the 'lines' that were already on the lampshade..
Then I made a couple strips for the diameter around the top and bottom of the lampshade..
A couple good glue burns later..

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