Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Tis the season to be cleaning.. .Fa la la la la la la la la...
I re did my sons 'future' bedroom! 
So if you do not have the extra cash (like myself) to redo a bedroom,
maybe you'll see just how easy and inexpensive it is to transform the look
of a bedroom!! 
Less $$ and more of your time put into it.

This bedroom will eventually be our son's when that time comes to have another baby.
So I wanted to keep it boy-ish..  I wanted to make a statement on one wall..
I added light blue/tan stripes on the wall the bed would be up against.
I probably won't ever do stripes on any other wall in my house because it was just a pain in the butt.

Before posting these 'after' pictures I wanted to make a headboard out of old shutters..
But I didn't happen to find any on craigslist or thrifting or sales.. bummer!

I repainted all the walls TAN..
I had some left over adhesive paper from my pantry makeover..
I decided to redo this long dresser instead of painting it.. I figured I'd spend wayyyy less time..
I added a table runner across the dresser to 'dress' it up!
That barn star to the right WAS a dark maroon, but I decided to repaint it the same blue as the stripes and sand it down to 'distress' it.. I LOVE how this turned out.

The closet was a tough decision.. It is very old and out of date.
(think.. not tons of $$$)
My mom came up with the idea of putting chalkboard paint on one side..
I am planning on putting magnetic paint on the other door.
See that canvas painting thing on the left?
Yeaa.. this is what it used to look like:
Sorry, it's a very bad and blurry picture, but it's all I had! ..
This is what it looks like close up all finished:
I borrowed a friend's cricut expression and made the letter decals..
I LOVE this! and I LOVE that cricut.. (I may just have to buy myself one ;)
I used the adhesive from the dresser on the words.. Home Runs and Games..
Isn't it great?..

More photos from the room:

I made that 'empty' picture frame out of a yard stick! ..

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