Friday, April 6, 2012

Make a simple Birth Keepsake

Tawk of the day: .. Hmmm.. Has anyone tried P90X ?? I'm thinking of starting it after Easter, any thoughts or opinions on that or Insanity?.. I have the option to borrow either of the two.. I am kind of scared to try it, though :-\ 

Hi everyone :)
I have just finished my second day of a Jillian Michaels workout! -- She is one tough chick!

Anywhoooo.. I have a crafty little keepsake I have finished yesterday that I will be showing off today! .. If you are a mommy, this may be of interest! 
A while back my friend Lisa and I were at the wonderful Gabriel's store and came across two pictures that had burlap background and a (handmade) embroidered material over it with a little quote on it.  Too cute, but not for 29.99!! I said, "Heck, we can make those!"

So we stopped at the local Goodwill on the travels home and we each bought one of these little (ugly) guys.. We had BIG plans!!

I added a picture for my keepsake--Of everyone!.. Even the little jack russell on my husband's shirt lol

Lastly, I repainted the frame to match our bedroom!
I glazed it also!

Hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. i absolutely LOVE this tutorial. i love how you put it in the long rectangle frame, for some reason it made all the difference! great idea and great post! i am glad i saw this, it is perfect timing for all the spring babies due!!

    angela brian

  2. Thanks so much ANGELA!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the tutorial!! :)