Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Original Photo Display'r ..

jhouseTAWK of the day: "be kind to everyone you meet.. you don't know what kind of battle they're fighting."
~this SHOULD be a common sense kind of phrase, but we are ALL at fault sometimes when meeting people.. we should not be so judge-mental!  Easier said than done-

A friend of mine and I recently have been doing a lot of crafting.  The last time we had 'craft day' which exceeded all the day and night, she brought over a full bag of empty frames..
If you haven't figured it out yet,  I ADORE EMPTY frames!!
Especially the vintage-y kind, the OLDER the BETTER!
Well last evening I pulled out this frame from the bag,

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it yet, so I just painted it in the meanwhile,

I skipped the primer and painted it RUSTOLEUM aqua..
I got this from JoAnn fabric for .97!! ..
(yes that is not a typo.. they said they are discontinuing it.)
I then knew by that time it was dry what I wanted to do with the frame... It was either a chicken wire memo board, or a picture displayer..
I chose the picture displayer (I know, you're prolly thinking, what are you gonna do to make it a picture displayer, right?!)

I simply thumb-tacked an end of string to the top right corner of the frame (on the back) and started wrapping it around the frame, going down the frame, then up the frame.. a couple times til I ended up where I started.. I then thumb-tacked the end string to the top left corner of the frame (back) ..

*Just a close up from the front side so you can see what it looks like!

I like the idea of these because it is SO EASY to just switch out the display pictures on this instead of a collage picture frame itself.
AND it just looks more creative and fancy!!
I love a HOME MADE look




  1. What a cute way to display photos. Seems easy to put together, too.

    I love the blue color!

  2. VERY easy!!! I love the blue, too.. It's definitely NOT the main color in my bedroom so it sticks out like a sore thumb, lol. Oh well I love it.

  3. It is a really great way to display photos. I also really love the blue color. A project I like, easy way to display our photos. Very cute! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!