Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY gate for the mantel

 Tawk of the day:  If you don't stand for something, you'll end up falling for anything <3

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!

I have a super project to show you today! .. Very cool if you are needing a new look for your fireplace or just any ole' mantel!
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I seen a DIY gate from Donna @ Funky Junk.
My mantel needed a facelift so I decided I'd try an attempt this..

With much needed help from the hubby cutting and nailing, we finally got it done!!! .. Well, the hard work anyways.. lol .. Now it needed to be painted (After a little sanding of course!)

I painted some streaks of bright blue/turquoise, maroon, and dark brown..
I figured with these colors showing through, they would give my gate an 'old' effect since the wood was practically brand new anyways.

Painted the whole thing cream when that dried..
(My intensions were to paint a little then with duct tape, apply it to the gate then rip it off.. ripping the cream color off so the blue,red,brown showed through... that was a FAIL!) It did not work.. soooo..

After I painted the whole thing in a cream color, it just wasn't yet speaking to me!
So I mixed some dark brown craft paint with some glaze (not sure how much of each.. just a splash!)
Not even sure if you should mix glaze with craft paint, but guess what I did.. it looked great when finished..
 I didn't add poly or a top coat.. just left as is!

I used hinges from an old picture frame that was being used as decoration.
This was PERFECT.. I knew I was saving that frame for something *special* :)

I love that I can exchange wreaths for the seasons without having to display a whole different thing on my mantel. 
I will keep this gate for a long time I think!

Don't ya just LOVE?
I do have to secure it to the wall somehow to prevent from falling and injuring somebody! lol
The hubby says he'll hang it with wire and a screw to the wall..

*I LOVE my gate, but the original is much "CUTER"..*
You can find it @
under Unique Projects.

If I can remember correctly,
I used 5   31.5 x 4.5 inch boards
2    4 x 23.5 inch boards for the top and bottom going across
The middle diaginal (sp?) I just eye balled a narrow piece of wood



  1. This came out great! I'm pinning this to my For the Home on Pinterest. Take care, Linda

  2. Thankyou, Linda! .. I wish it kinda looked more like Donna's from Funky Junk, but oh wells! I love it anyhow. :)

  3. Gorgeous! This is so great. I need to make one, like yesterday :)

  4. This is great. Rustic without being too much. I would love it if you would share on my linky party - Tout It Tuesday.

  5. This looks so great! I can't belief you just painted it - it really does look antique and rustic! I'd love for to link up to my new link party:


  6. Nice Work! Love the look of your mantel with your new rustic gate. Thanks for sharing. Smiles, Paula

  7. Thanks to all who've replied!! The comments mean a lot :)

  8. I love love love this! Thanks for linking up to Flaunt It Friday! :) Hope you will come back and visit!


  9. I still can't believe it's paint!! haha. I'm going to feature this project later today on Tuesday's Tidbits at Naptime Delights. Thanks for linking up!


  10. wow that looks GREAT...

    my first time here..
    visiting via Liz Marie's blog party..

    your newest follower~ cause I sure dont want to miss any of your future projects:-)

  11. I love this. All those colors made the perfect amount distressing. I am your newest follower and thanks so much for stopping by Lake Cottage Dreams. Those are not floor mats on my wall btw... they are metal pieces I got from Hobby Lobby forever ago and I spray painted them white for the makeover.