Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I can, SEW can you!

"tawk" of the day:  My new favorite color is Valspar's Twilight Meadows! :) LOVE IT, thanks LIZMARIEBLOG.com for suggesting it!

Speaking of Twilight Meadows...
This is the color of choice I used on my project I'm going to show you today ;)

Meet my {very} boring sewing machine.
This was given to me from a friend--I love her for that, but didn't so much love the look of it..
This morning I decided I was going to do a transformation.
I was already heading into town for groceries and figured I'd also stop at Lowe's on top of the hill and purchase a new sanding block ($4.something) and a paint sample ($2.97)

I put the little one down for a nap and immediately got to work!!
HERE is my sewing machine BEFORE:

&& HERE it is AFTER:

The next couple pictures are just 'process' pictures..
I skipped the whole primer thing and just painted two coats of the Twilight Meadows.

After I let this baby dry (mind you, it dries VERY QUICK!)
I sanded the crap outta the top of the table..

*So I took a little break from my work and got the little one when he was done with his nap, and drove to the local Trader Horn (they have EVERYTHING!)
I purchased some MINWAX Dark Walnut wood stain and some Rustoleum Painter's Touch clear matte spray bottle.

This is a picture of the aftermath of the stain.. I LOVE this stain!!

During the drying process of this thing, I repainted the hardware (just for show..) black.
At first I thought about buying just a cool drawer handle I saw for $2.00.. but I figured the less money I needed to spend on this baby, the better :)
Anyways, it still looks cool I think!

The next couple pictures are just some close ups on the sanding job.
I used a 60 grit sanding block.
Next time I do a piece of furniture, I'll prolly use just regular sanding paper (but I've never really done this before so I didn't really know what I needed.)

This is my sewing machine all ready for use!

Don't you just love this color!?
If you'd like to see my inspiration for this project just go to ::: Liz Marie's SEWING TABLE!

Last, but not least, I sprayed with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Clear Matte spray.

Have a great week!! :) 
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  1. This looks so much better - I love the color!

  2. i would love for you to stop by and link this up! I just love it !


  3. I love it! My husband hates painted wood (he used to work in the stain department of a cabinet factory) but seeing a quick project like this makes me think that I could possible squeeze some painting in before he gets home from work one day! LOL!

  4. I just LOL'd Lindsay!! .. My husband hates painted wood too, but he said he thought it looked good! .. You should do it ;))) Glad I could be an influence.. or in your case a bad influence lol..

  5. I love this shade of blue your project really looks great!

  6. Thankyou!!! :) It is Twilight Meadows in Valspar! I just got the sample size and I had a bunch leftover for prolly another one of this sized projects!!
    Thanks for stopping by--I love visitors

  7. Very cute. Turned out great. I see these at the thrift store all the time, but I can't sew. Guess it would make a cute side table though. I'd love it if you shared it at my weekly Furniture Friday party http://www.decoratinginsanity.com/2012/05/furniture-friday-16-and-features.html

  8. Fun stuff, I just picked up one of these same tables tonight! I was thinking of trying out this color or maybe just a tad more turquoise...we shall see! Found you from Liz Marie Blog, now your newest follower!

  9. What a great makeover piece! Found you through the natural nesters party! Am your latest follower!

  10. I just love this creation!! You did awesome and it gave me some great strategy on how to update my old sewing machine with out covering up all the old nice wood!

    Thanks so much to linking this up to our Naturally-Nifty Linky Party last week! I just wanted to let you know that we featured this post of yours on our party today! Stop by and check it out, and link up this week while you are there! Also remember to pick up a featured button to brag with!

    By the way, we pin all of our features to our Pinterest, so check that out too!


  11. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my spring wreath and pallet wood! I just switched to wordpress and I'm having some problems replying to comments!

    I LOVE LOVE this table! : ) Have a great night!

  12. Have you tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yet? Great for furniture painting, a little goes a long way and lots of cool effects you can do. Try one can in one color and you will be hooked!

  13. I have heard all the rave about it! I would really like to try it sometime but I believe it's really expensive am I right? .. Thanks for the advice-- I'll have to try :)