Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magnetic Makeup Board {change-up}

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I decided to give my magnetic makeup board a change-up...
I was getting bored with the original one here-
And here is the tutorial for it!

And here is what it looks like now:::

All I did to change it up was to simply take it all apart (which was a pain)
Repaint the frame black (skip the primer)
Remove the old fabric background around the piece of metal and exchange it for burlap
Make cute little flowers out of black felt and cute buttons from an old shirt...
Here is the pin I saw of these:
There is a website for it.. but c'mon.. the picture is pretty well self explainatory!

Happy Crafting!! :) Hope you like the CHANGE-up!!!

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  1. Love it, I like the idea of board especially when it looks so cute!