Monday, July 9, 2012

Old sign, RENEWED*

Tawk of the day, "What would you do if you knew you would not fail." ..

Hi, all :)
I can't believe it's been FOREVERRRR since I posted last, but I think this project was so awesome.. I had to share it with yinz.
I bought a sign a little while ago at a furniture store because I had a giftcard and had to spend it on something on the double (they were going out of businesss) ;)
I chose to buy a country-style sign "LIVE" .. 
After a couple years of having this thing it was getting to be an eye-sore.. Never finding the right place to show it off.. but as it now sits beneath the tv.. on the stand, I was tired of just seeing black letters that blended in pretty well with the speaker it was sitting in front of..
SO, I decided to re paint it :) Stay tuned...

 Start by painting each letter with TWO coats of craft paint in whichever color you LOVE :)
I chose a powdery-blue, white, yellow (looks lime now), and an orangy-red.
 Paint the base of the sign with black craft paint.
 Wow.. Still pretty boring like this.. 
 The sanding made this look 100 % better than just plain smooth paint.
 Don't you just LOVE?
 I brushed one coat of this bad boy on it to seal it and make it look shiny..
It dried in about a half hour.. but it recommends that you wait 24 hours before handling it.

This looks so much better!!
I love sitting back awe while I watch TV!

Do yinz have any signs like this that are just boring to you?..
Well now you have hope for them :) LOL

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