Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY curtains for my bedroom.

For my next post I'll be talking about the curtains I sewed up for my *new* bedroom decor..

The curtains I had up before were simple and elegant, but they didn't scream "AWESOME!"
They actually look more boring in the picture!

While I was at JoAnn's I searched to see what they had RED TAGS..
I came across a pretty cool brown and white pattern.
It was a screamin deal--$5/per yard.
I took it up to the counter and she measured the fabric out for me.
There was almost 6 yards--I started working as soon as possible.

I THOUGHT I had measured out the length perfectly, BUTTT it turns out that I measured too short and the curtains didn't even touch the ground. OH WELLS. I can live with them. They still look awesome to me :)

I did a 4 inch hem on the top
and a 5 inch hem on the bottom.

I sewed strips of ribbon evenly across the 45 inch panel.. to the top hem and hung them.

They turned out great, and I do believe I could see my self making more curtains. .. possibly for another room in the house maybe?

What do you think?... 

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