Monday, December 24, 2012

New Years: Opening of my Etsy Shop, JHouseTawk

Wow.. I almost forget how to go about posting a blog! .. It's  been forever, I know.
I have gotten a lot of replies to my 'Etsy Shop' .. I do have it in the process of being open, just waiting for the bank to get back to me to issue me a new card so I can use a seperate account for it.
I feel as though God has given me a gift of creativity.. I'm a stay at home mom, living off of one income at the moment.. It is getting us by, but I wanted to figure out a way to make some spare cash.. enter in: ETSY. I never closed my account before I was married.  I just kept a few bucks in it and never touched it since.. I feel as though this Etsy shop was meant to be open.. That checking account was to be used for SOMETHING in the future.. lol IDK.. Just the way I'm taking the situation. God works in mysterious ways.

I am debating on whether or not selling my 'trim' sign that I have now, my first one I made.. Which can be found {HERE}

I'm thinking on making each sign $40/including shipping, BUT that's not  for sure.. Gotta figure out what I have into it and time, etc..
And I have no idea what shipping rates go for these days.. NEWBIE in training HA.
I think I will probably ONLY SELL to US.
And start out by making a couple of them, & possibly the one you see floating around my blog.
So stay tuned.. I'm sorry, I know many of you were looking to purchase one for a Christmas Gift, but I just wasn't 100% sure and 100% confident that I could do it.
Thanks for your patience,
Jordann {jhousetawk}


  1. I live in Australia and am in LOVE with your left over trim signs. I'd be devastated if you only sell to US :(

  2. Aw Natalie thanks so much!! I've never ever sold anything on etsy or eBay so it's sooooo new to me lol.. I will just have to look more into it. I thought it was really confusing selling it outside of the country! But I'll keep an open mind thanks for the input!😀