Saturday, December 29, 2012

My HUGE purchase..

Tawk of the day: "Family is a Gift that Lasts Forever."

It's a Winter Wonderland out there!! (well, from where I'm sitting it is!!)
We are supposed to get 2-4 inches today!
It's a great day :)

I CAN'T WAIT to show youns what I have in store for the spring time!
In my area we have a Facebook Flea Market Page.
I found a beautiful antique buffet on there for just $50!
I just HAD to HAVE it! .. And a bonus, {the hubby even likes it!} lol
until I told him I was going to paint it.
Here it is!!

I plan to use this baby as our new tv console! .. It's 65" long, 35" tall and 20" deep. PERFECT!
I think we are going to mount the tv on the wall rather than just sitting it on the stand.. I think it'd be a lot safer that way with a toddler and one on the way running around!
I just had to share it with you all, even though I don't plan on painting until springtime.
We plan to sell the stand we have already... it's nothing as great as this one :)
The way our living room (TV) wall is right now, we have a door coming into our living room and also a door coming into our entry room. The door is needed in the living room because that is the only way of getting big things in our house. The other door is not possible cause of the sharp small corners, so we eventually are going  to take out the living room door and maybe the window and just close it all in to make it a big clear, clean wall!..
With that said, it would look very strange putting the buffet in our livingroom right now.. it would cover the door and about 3 inches of the window! .. BUT springtime is a few months away to worry over it! .. :)  And I'll post pictures of the living room wall that I'm talking about as the time gets closer to redo it! 

What do youns think of my new buffet!?
Do any of you use one for your tv stand?

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