Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Reveal :)

"Tawk" of the day:  "BE YOURSELF.. everyone else is taken." :)

Hello Dolls :)

Hope you all are having a great Sunday! :)
Today is what I call my 'LAZY' day ...
I don't do much on Sundays.. Church, then breakfast with the family, then back home so the little one can take a nappy nap. .. Today us parents took advantage of that and took a nap as well! .. I needed one after a weekend of staying up all night :) 
Anyways, I have a great BLOG for you today!!! :) At least I think it's GRRRREAT!!
I have a bedroom makeover reveal to 'reveal' ;)
MY bedroom.
It needed a lift. After almost 3 years of living with this, (Oct. 10 will be my 3rd anniversary!)  it was time for a change!



I'll be back tomorrow with a more breakdown of how-to's ... :)
Hope you enjoyed this blog!!!
I LOVE my new room, even the HUBBY does!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I signed up for an Etsy account :)

Tawk of the day: "Believe you can, and you will!"

Hello :)
So I have pondered and prayed about this for awhile now.
I have been contemplating on whether or not I should open an Etsy Account.
Mainly because of this:
I have had a lot of people wanting to purchase one of these babies.
And maybe I will even sell this very one here!.. I do get tired of looking at the same things over and over again 24/7.. LOL You know what I'm talking about if you, too are a DIYer fanatic! haha

So I bit the bullet and created a site.. it is not quite up and running yet so I will not release the web address yet.. :)

I don't know if I will be making anything else other than this for right now, but I am currently working on two sayings right now.
I do think I am sticking with bible verses.. God IS the very reason why I've gotten so much hype over this piece! .. 
So stick around, I will keep ya posted on the opening date!!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bedroom Makeover {announcement} & ALLERGIES! :(

Tawk of the day:  "The grass isn't greener on the other side.. It's greener where you water it."

Hi all :)
* * * * * * 
I have been fighting with horrible allergies for I can't tell you how long!!
I have never experience allergies and sinus issues my whole life until this year :(
I believe I have a sinus infection, & my ears are clogged...
I went to the Doctor's {for pretty much the 2nd time ever in my life .. other than baby dr.'s}.. about a few weeks ago for 'inner ear infection' .. I was feeling light headed and experience a little vertigo, but not enough to knock me down!
I went to the local drug store for the prescription and after 5 days, I was all good to go!!
Oh boy I was wrong.. This whole week I was down, not feeling great, not getting much sleep, and to boot, taking care of a one year old :-\ 
I never ate so much soup in my life lol..
* * * * * *
ANYWHO .. That's what I'm blaming my 'absence' onnnn.. :)
I'm feeling a little better, but my ears keep popping from blowing my nose so much!
UGH.. All I can say is "I can't wait till WINTER TIME!!" .. And if you know me, you know that I HATE winter.. HA
* * * * * *
I have been working on my bedroom lately..
I will be revealing my bedroom makeover in the next week or so!
I can't wait to show you all.. I still am working on plenty of DIYers.
I got my painting all done..
The new decorative pillow cases done..
and the ... oh wait, I don't wanna give them ALL AWAY!
You'll just have to wait and find out :)
I'll definitely have some tutorials for y'all.
* * * * * *
I recently got some JoAnn Fabric's coupons in the mail..
I used most of them .. Fabric mostly.
* * * * * *
Well.. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Jordann @ J House Tawk

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Possibility of SELLING a couple "leftover TRIM" signs..

Tawk of the day: "Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in Heaven" Luke 6:23

HELLO all :)

The reason for this post is actually because of YOU ALL who were interested in maybe purchasing one of my "leftover trim" signs..

I have thought about it for a little while now to open my own Etsy Shop..
Still unsure of how exactly it works to open a shop.

I know money is tight for everyone so I am unsure what to price them at.. and what sayings and or quotes to place on the signs.. So that's where YOU come in :)
I'd like, for anyone interested, to comment below on what the price you'd be willing to spend and give me a few ideas on sayings and quotes that you think you or other's would like.
This is NOT a for sure thing, but I wanted to get some input from the ones who said they'd be willing to purchase one! Thanks so much.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about I will link the project up below;

XOXO-Thanks again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teenage Girl's "Mix of Eras" bedroom makeover!!

Tawk of the day: "Someone else is happy with less than what you have."

Well, HERE IT IS!!! :)
My sister's bedroom makeover..

My sister wanted her bedroom redone for about 3 years now.
Welll, this summer she was going on vacation with her friend and her friend's family.
My mom and I told her that we wanted to redo her room while she was gone, to surprise her.
She agreed right away and we took a day to go shopping so she could pick some things out and discuss what she'd like done with her room: her style, colors, and ideas..
She wanted the walls blue and gray. She wanted to incorporate a little of every era.
She loves the 50's style : Marilyn, Old music, Decor.
She LOVES the 80's : Record albums, BILLY Joel, Vibrant colors, and movie posters.
PARIS : She had a dream of going to Paris one day. She said that dreamed "kinda died" but she had some Eiffel Tower decor still in the boxes and on her walls already so we decided to use them anyways..
Makeup Organization : She already owned a magnetic makeup board that she hadn't hung up yet, so she knew she wanted that up.. 
What she didn't know was that we had some ideas of our own that she had no clue about.  Things like making a nail polish rack, jewelry rack, perfume rack, etc.. 
So buckle your seat belts, everyone... and enjoy the ride....




This picture above is the little nook that we made into a makeup vanity,
Makeup is a huge part of my sister's life..

We took a cork board from Target and bought little thumb tacks from the Dollar General and used this to organize all her necklaces and bracelets..

I made this Magnetic Makeup Board for my sister for Christmas last year.
We JUST finally got it hung up and attached magnets to a few makeup pieces..

We purchased this wall storage shelf from Target for like 34.99$
It was the PERRRRFECT solution for storing all her perfumes.
This girl is definitely a perfume junkie - xoxo.
This shelf comes in like 4 pieces and you just attach it together, super easy.

We found the perfect space to store all her rings..
in the tiny holes of the shelf..

We found this carry-all mobile cart at Big Lots for $35.
And believe it or not... IT IS JAM-PACKED of all her extra makeup!

Those are little decorative records above that little cubby door.
They are little mirrors.  Instead of wasting good wall for nails, we just stood them upright on the ledge.

This floor lamp was found at Kirklands.
It was on sale for $40.00.
My mother couldn't pass it up!!
I wish I had the space in my home to put one :(  But it's quite tiny.

Here's a close up of the floor lamp.
It has a switch that you can just hit with your foot to turn it on/off.
Above the bed is a photo display'r. It was still in the package.

The big green pillow was from Gabriels for just $10!!
and the small gold and black one was from Gabriel's for just $5!!

We spotted these bed sheets at Big Lots for 9$ !!
Can you believe it?! .. and the comforters were 15$ !!
They added a touch of 50's genre, I think. My sister picked these out

This here you can find a tutorial on YouTube.
It is made from just Duct Tape and Foam Board! .. and hot glue of course ;)
Isn't it awesome!!! I did not think it would hold up, but a few weeks later it is still going strong! :)
We just screwed this into the wall.

We used this book/dvd/cd stand for her shoes instead!
Perfect idea for the shoe addict.

We stacked these wall square shelves instead of nailing them into the wall.
Worked out great!!

My sister collects her fave band/artist albums.
She found a bunch at a flea market and wanted to display them somehow in her new bedroom.
I came up with the idea of sewing a long strip of material together & sewing ribbon across so she could just slide the corners of the records into to make them stay..
This was perfect for her slanted walls.

This was made to be a little reading corner/50's era area for her.

She's a huge fan of Marliyn Monroe, but then again.. Who isn't!?!

I think everyone can agree that this movie is the best one to come out of the 80's.. 

This is the spare bed.
It was mine when I still was living at home and single..
She just decided to keep it up for when she has friends sleep over.

The little blue ball pillow was from Big Lots for $10
All the others she already had.

She had an abundance of lotions/tanning creams/hair products and we didn't know where to put them all without it looking cluttered.. so we just decided to use this little table as storage.
We placed it next to her one dresser, kind of out of the way and none seeable. 

I seen a tutorial on pinterest somewhere of this type of project.
I took her canvas art that she had already had and mod podged misc. scrap book paper pieces all over the canvas art.
Next with my cricut machine I cut out song lyrics (sissy picked them out) onto shelf adhesive paper and placed them onto the canvas after the mod podge dried.
After that I painted all over the canvas in white. then after that dried I carefully pealed off the letters and kind of sand paper'd it to give it a more distressed look.
(Note:: I put 'brick' scrap book paper on the corners to make it look as if the brick was part of the piece of art..)

A look at the room from the window's stand point.

A look at the room from the 'vanity' stand point.

This is another Canvas Art transformation!
I like this one A LOT better than the other one I made for her room.
What do you think?..
Recognize the lyrics?.. She loves her some Billy Joel :)
The other canvas was Sam Cooke lyrics.

We took the back window wall and used that as an accent wall, painting it a blue.
All the other walls we repainted gray.
We left the ceiling white.

My mother purchased the blinds a year ago and hadn't hung them until the week we redid her bedroom..
and my sister picked out the white curtains from Gabriel's for about 7$ each.

Another find on YouTube.
Buy a trash can at the Dollar Store (1.50$)
flip it over and hang it from the ceiling with a shower curtain hook.
Take your scarves and take a little piece of it and stick it through one of the trash can holes and it will stay put..
Great storage and WILL fit a TON of scarves!!
We didn't really want to display this so we stuck it inside one of the cubby rooms.

Took a Dollar Store trash can and flipped it over and used it as a stand for her game console, & dvd player.

Found a cute little spot for a cute little sign her friend bought her.
Hung it from the curtain rod.

We hid her fan and stereo beside her spare bed..
Perfect spot.

We found these stackable crates at the Dollar General for like 4.50$..
These work out great for all her flip flops!

We didn't know where to put all her books so we just hid them beside her bed along the wall.
Nobody can really see them unless you are sitting on her bed.

We set up a night stand beside Jhoey's bed.

The picture beside her bed is of the late Luci-Lou .. Jhoey's bestfriend.

We hid the dvd/cd stand beside the dresser.
Cause it's kind of an eye-sore.

We added these orange rugs to give of more vibrant color!!

My sister's very first guest.. BABS <3

Isn't she adorbs.. ??

The lava lamp just fits perfectly in this new room! ..
And the elvis signed picture.
We used a table runner for some texture on her dresser.

After it was all said and done, my MOM spent about $400 on this whole bedroom makeover!
Not too bad, considering what things cost now-a-days.. 
You do not need to spend top dollar on a room makeover :)