Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I've done here and there.

I have been such a slacker later when it comes to posting on here anymore.
I have crafted here and there, but haven't really taken 'pictures' of the process and such, but I have a few before and afters to show off today.

As some of you may know, I am currently 20 weeks preggo.. and still fighting nausea, sleepiness, and (like you care to know) constipation.. blahhh

I have been also chasing around my non-stop 19 month old around the house.. He has graduated to the toddler bed, so now his naps are spare, which means my crafting is as well! :(

I have been cleaning out and redoing the spare room for 'J''s new big boy room and working on stuff to get it ready for decorating! I have a few big plans I'd like to do before baby comes.

Before.. This little stand was purchased for $10.
I hated it like this, but new I'd be painting it so I knew I'd love it when I'd finish.

My new love, Annie Sloan Chalkpaint.
and some decaf tea with honey on the side.. 

This is before I distressed it. I did wax first though to decrease paint dust..

Here he is all in his glory.. I rewaxed afterwards

I love him now :)

Another one, what the heck.. lol

Before: .. I purchased this 'JOY' sign at a store called Gabriel Brothers. They sell a lot of different things for less than what you'd buy it for in the regular stores, still all brand new stuff.
I LOVE their home decor section.. They sell A LOT of chic decor signs, and primitive things.. This was $24.99.. After seeing it on the wall for a few months like this it was just hard to read and too dark for the walls... So in comes Annie Sloan to the rescue, again...

Sorry, it's a little dark (my living room is dark)
Here is the after! .. I put one coat of annie sloan on this piece and distressed it with sand paper and then waxed it when I  was satisfied with the look :)
I think I LOVE it better than the before! .. What about you?..

This is my mantel (as of today!) I just love the simple-ness and vintagy feel it gives..
I got the giant barn wood clock as a gift from my parents (via tjmaxx)..
I had the floral pieces on hand (via JoAnns)
I purchased the tin buckets from Pat Catans (around 8$ each)
I had the 3 glass jars on hand from thrift stores and what not
that little box is a vintage sewing machine drawer I purchased for $5.
I'm in LOVE with it.

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