About ME

Hello, welcome to J House Tawk!

My name is Jordann
I'm 25 years old.
Devoted wife of 3 years, going on 4.
SAHM to a very energetic little boy (with one little one on the way due July '13)
Lover of Jesus, all things thrify and DIY.  I also love to crochet!

I started this blog back in Nov. 2011 after I became a SAHM. I needed something to do while the little one napped.  I was going stir-crazy being at home by myself after being used to working full-time since graduating high-school while doing online schooling for Natural Health.  I was never used to being home ALL DAY LONG!

I needed something to do to keep me busy and sane. I felt as though I was slipping into depression being home alone with no one to talk to all day (you can only do so much baby talk, right?!) I was always into art and creative things growing up so being home made me really started getting into making my house a home finally after living here for 2 years!  I started DIYing everything in sight, going to thrift shops locally and repainting things, decorating my house with my new 'old' decor because let's face it.. who has the money to buy NEW things when you're not used to living on one income?! NOT ME!

I know I can relate to A LOT of you other SAHM's out there! & I hope I can inspire many to create their own blog.  And to know that you don't need to have a lot of money to make a room transform look expensive just by going to thrift stores and DIYing! Actually I prefer to make my own things now... I love the outcome of it. The feeling of being creative, the remarks of all my guest when they come to visit, and the confidence to start my own Etsy shop, opening this January 2013!!

Thanks for stopping by, and come and 'follow' along!