Friday, November 25, 2011

Drab Owl.. to Fab Owl :)

Tawk of the day:: "Preach the gospel.. When necessary, use words!!" xox

I bought this drabbish owl at the local Goodwill for 1.99
I have been getting into owls and thankfully I stumbled upon this one :)
I didn't like how he looked so I took him home and applied a fresh coat of primer and white spray paint.
After that dried, I whipped out my Behr glaze in black tint and perdy brush and went to town with it!
This was the before and the outcome of it all :)
I'm happy* with it, are you??.. He now sits upon my armoire in the bedroom.

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  1. The owl looks so cute! Much better than the gold. I've always wondered how to get that look. Thanks for sharing!!