Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweater Pillow

'Tawk' of the day :: "I don't wanna gain the whole world, and lose my soul." (Tobymac's 'Lose My Soul') .. {Don't let materialistic things replace God.  You exchange materialistic things for your soul, you Lose everything. In Heaven, those things won't matter.}

So I've been seeing homemade pillow covers everywhere in blog-land made from...
AN OLD SWEATER!! crazy right?
Well, I decided to make my own!! 
Here it is ::

All you need is an old sweater and pillow
... and a sewing machine, needle & thread, scissors and measuring tape.
I was on a mission @ the Goodwill for an old sweater~ $3.99
I bought this pillow @ Gabriel's for $3.00 (can't beat that)

Measure and cut sweater to fit your pillow.
For my pillow I wanted to add a little something something,
so I cut off the ribbed part off the bottom of the sweater and cut them into strips..
Next I sewing just a line down the center of the strip setting (I dunno the proper name of the stitch of sew, but it's just the one with two lines.. lol)
After you do that, start 'ruffling' the strip by pulling on one of the strings.. (as you see in the last picture above)

Pin the bottom of the pillow and hand sew it shut
Show it off.

Total cost of this project= 6.99$

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