Saturday, November 19, 2011

Burlap Christmas Wreath

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Hi, all =]
Are you ready to bust out your Christmas decors??
Well after this post you may have your very first wreath...
I got the idea from fellow blogger, mommy's timeout-samantha

This is her Burlap 'Spring' wreath.. 
HERE is how she made hers..

I had made mine a Christmas theme 
***Here is mine***

Here is how I made this beauty
These are the supplies you will need ::

~Styrofoam wreath (my mum gave me one out of her craft storage room... thanks, maa)
~Handy dandy Hot Glue Gun
~Scrap Fabric (again, mum gave me loads of it to use... luv her)
~Burlap (leftovers from my ruffle lamp shade tutorial)
This project was pretty much free for me =]
~Start by wrapping your wreath with burlap

~Start ripping some material and burlap for your fabric flowers (1 1/4 inch wide, any length!)

These are the steps for how I made my fabric flowers::

1.) Take one strip of burlap and fold that in half..long ways.
(it'd prolly be easiest to work with if you ironed it in half, but I had no patience/time for that)

2.) Start by rolling in your finger tips

3.) After rolling a 'center'.. start by rotating the 'flower' while twisting the material AWAY from the center of the flower, gluing it every so often to hold shape and stability. 
(it is kind of hard to explain, but pay attention to these pictures.  Or you can google 'fabric flower' and a whole crap load of directions will pop up.)

4.) After the burlap center is complete and glued, take a 'colorful' piece of fabric and fold in half.. glue one of the ends to where you left off with the burlap and continue the twisting/rotating process until you reach the end of the strip.

5.) As you see from my wreath, a couple flowers have a burlap ruffle piece as part of the flower.. you can learn how to make a ruffled piece of burlap in my ruffled burlap lamp shade tutorial HERE

Glue all your flowers in place and sit back in awe :)

This was such a fun craft to do!  
I can't wait to use these fabric flowers for other projects such as pillow cases and lamp shades =]
Thanks for stopping by, I thank you =]