Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wall Decal from wall to slate.

Tawk of the day:: "I've learned that pleasing everyone is damn near impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake... "

Okay, so as most of you know I am a new mum =]
I recently was putting up one of those vinyl wall decals (from my mum) in the nursery..

 Only one problem, the walls are a pale yellow and so were the letters!! (I thought they were white)..

Bummer :(
I really liked this & thought it'd be a shame to just leave it on the wall where NOBODY would even tell it was there..
& an even BIGGER shame to just peal it off and throw it in the trash..
So in my brilliant thinking, I pealed it off (Very carefully with the tip of a safety pin!) and put it on wax paper until I figured out what I was going to do with the letters..

Then I remembered I had 2 large pieces of slate from my parents house in my entry room closet just sitting, collecting dust because I saving them for painting purposes.. but never got around to painting them... UNTIL NOW!
I took one piece outside and chipped away about half of the slate because it'd be way too heavy and bigger than needed for the decal saying.. 

I then, transferred the letters onto the slate (took me about 7 times of placing the letters, then pealing them back off because I can't judge spacing and so forth with my eyes.. lol..)

I took out my stash of RUSTOLEUM spray paint in HEIRLOOM WHITE.
Sprayed over all the letters..

Let sit until the paint dries. Then carefully peal away letters.. (I used a tip of a safety pin)
Then just dispose of the letters (in a way- it's like you never threw the letters away after all.. =]

Final part is a little sanding to blend the letters in the slate.
And sanding the edges of the slate to give it a 'worn' look.

I absolutely LOVE the way this turned out & would actually consider buying another decal for the other piece of slate I have and doing the same thing with it.  
With decals on items such as the slate, they would make perfect gifts because most people don't know, or don't have any place on their walls for decals =]

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