Sunday, December 4, 2011

Burlap Wreath with Flouncy flowers

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Today I will be showing you how to make :::
I added flowers called 'flouncy' flowers. I got them from a fellow blogger..
I can't take credit for these beauties, so to learn how to make your own go {here}
**Cool Tip.. Do Not Hot Glue your flowers to the wreath.. Use Pins.
This makes it so you can add different colors of flowers for the different seasons/holidays :)

Sorry, all these pictures were taken with my camera digital camera was dead and I couldn't find the charger for it!:(   .. so they are not super clear..
Here is what you need in order to make this wreath::
::burlap:: (about 3.99 a yard at JoAnn fabric)
::hot glue gun::
::material:: (for your founcy flowers)
::pins:: (for attaching your flowers.. you can also use these to attach your burlap in place, but I found that  the pins just go through the holes in the burlap so it's kind of pointless to use them)
::styrofoam wreath form::
::thick string::
::crochet needle::

Measure each burlap strip every 4 inches.. Start pulling the string at the 4 inch mark.

Start bunching the burlap and continue to pull the string until it is through.

See the lines??.. This process makes it sooooo much easier to cut to make sure your lines are even and makes less of a mess!

Cover your styrofoam wreath with a burlap strip.

Now, take your rope/thick string with a crochet needle and weave it through a strip like this.
After that.. start bunching the burlap to create the 'ruffle' look.

Next, hot glue the ruffled burlap strip to the wreath..  (sorry no picture)
Flip the wreath over and this is what it will look like!
Now, do the same thing with the other side of the wreath~ hot glue it more towards the center so the back strip of burlap.

I'll admit, I'm now kind of a wreath-aholic!
This hangs on one of our closet doors!

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