Monday, December 5, 2011

Pimp out your Baby Burp Cloths

tawk of the day "Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, again!!" :)

So I recently attended my cousin's baby shower.. 
She's having a boy!!
I made her pimped out burp cloths, lol.
I seen this idea somewheres else, but forget where..
But.. if you are going to a baby shower in the near future, & have NO IDEA what you are going to buy.. Why not make this??.. It's so clever and creative--and you'll be sure to be the only one to gift this.

Here is what you'll need_
:Scissors (not pictured):
:Sewing machine (also, not pictured):
:Measuring Tape (not pictured, either):
:Gerber 3 ply Diaper Cloths:
:Flannel Fabric:
1* First wash and dry the burp cloths && Ribbon.
(put the ribbon in an undergarment laundry wash bag.. so it doesn't unravel in the wash/dryer)
2* Iron the burp cloths-- Makes it easier to sew and cut fabric to size it right!
3* Cut the fabric and ribbon to size (to cover the middle padding strip)!.. I used 5 burp cloths out of the package. (They were 6 inches across and 17 inches vertically) *Cut an inch more than that so you have fabric to work with!

Now pin them!

(sorry pic is sideways)
I didn't sew in any particular way.. Sorry I do not know the technical words for sewing!
Just plain jane sew stitch.

Don't you want burp cloths like these??!

I ran out of white ribbon so I ran around the house looking for something else!!
Orange ribbon it is!

Now just tie some scrap material around them and GIFT THEM!!!
They are so cute~ :)

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