Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whatchu Lucky For??

Tawk Of the Day:: Lucky. What are you lucky for? .. I feel I am sooo lucky in life.. Lucky to know God.  Lucky to have a great husband, a healthy little boy, a great family, freedom, ... not so much as lucky in winning stuff, but very lucky in life.. xox.

My LUCKY sign::
So I am starting a new project.
I have 2 of these laying around the house.. they are wedding reception favors we got a couple years ago from a friends wedding.

I decided to create a sign with the word LUCKY, using the horseshoe as the 'U' letter of course :) 
(Not yet sure on how I'll make it) 
But here are letters I cut out on 
I'll explain how I did so below the picture!

So- Go to
Click Get Started Now!
On the tabs, click Collage
Under the Basic selection (because I am not PREMIUM customer) click the choice of 4 pictures.
Size it to the biggest it will let you by upscaling the PROPORTIONS option.
then click DONE in the top right corner
Then once you do that.. you will see a list of different options now- CLICK EFFECTS
Scroll down and choose the DUO-TONE:  Choose WHITE for both colors
This will make your canvas WHITE.
click Apply.
go to TEXT.
Pick your font of choice.. I chose The Quiet Scream (it's in the 2nd to last selection of fonts to choose from)
Do one letter at a time.. Rotate it longways in the canvas.
Fit it to size..
Save your letter one at a time.. I just did titles like Lucky1.jpg, Lucky2.jpg and so on..
Now go to your files and pull each up one at a time and click PRINT.
I did it through Picnik because on my regular word process thing, it only lets me print off a letter half the size as picnik lets me!! PLUS.. picnik has awesome Fonts that are free to use & not premium.
You have to pay for PREMIUM stuff on picnik.

I will keep y'all posted on this project!!

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