Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Mantel REVEAL && How to make a GARLAND

tawk of the day "YAYAYAYAY.. Finally into DECEMBER!! :)"

Sooo... Today's post is going to be my Christmas Mantel REVEAL :)
Hope you like it :: 

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look too Christmas-y.
But my style is more of a Raw Country Decor.
The frame is Red..
There are a couple Reindeer..
and The garland is Christmas-y .. 
It works .. lol
The garland hanging off the picture frame is actually a couple small garlands because I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to make them hang on the frame..
They are probably approx 2 ft. long each.
It is SUPER easy to make.. and SUPER fast..
It can look sloppy.. the sloppier, the better I think.


Rip a bunch of strips of fabric.. 
I LOVED this fabric because it looks OLD..
My momma gave it to me to work with.

Start tying a knot...

DOUBLE knot it.

You don't have to knot it super tight.. it's not going anywheres.

Pull close against the recently tied knot onto a (desired length) of string.
Again, I did 2 small garlands.. I figured I'd prolly change how they look anyways and you have more ways to mix and choose how you want it to hang off your frame if it's not just ONE garland.
Merry Christmas!

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