Friday, December 2, 2011

My 'I Love Lucy' entry way wall.

tawk of the day What are your favorite decor items and crafting tools you can't live without??... I can not survive with out my little hot glue gun and Burlap!.. I think I use it on just about ALL projects I do :) ..  Some of my fav. decor items would prolly  be... Wreaths, Candle sticks, Frames and Letters .. You can find them just about every room in my home.

Okay.. so as many of close friends and family already know,
I love "I Love Lucy" stuff.. In fact, my entry room in my home is done up in I Love Lucy stuff!
I actually just re-did my Lucy Wall this afternoon because I didn't like how I had it before..
I kind of just had it all thrown together (without organization)..
So I wanted to DIY it somehow with a little added spark..

***Here is my before picture of my Lucy Wall**

 In the meantime, I grabbed some extra things to add to the wall..
I cut out a wreath-shape out of cardboard.
I made a letter L out of cardboard.
I had on hand a couple shadow box frames from the thrift store for 2$ each
(one already had the glass broke out of it.. so I broke the glass out of the other one, too.)

These above items are the previous picture items!.. *hard to believe, right?*
I had an old mini calendar of Lucy pictures so I used those for the wreath along with material that I 'ruffled'.. and Hot glued it all together! :
This is a close up of my wreath.. I made it up the idea myself.. 
It was a great way to use up the calendar pictures..

I cut a bunch of strips of the same material and knotted them one by one around the letter L.
I took the background out of the shadow box frames and cut material to size and hot glued it to the background..  I also repainted the frames brown and dry brushed my glaze over top to give it a more rustic look.
I loved how each of these turned out and think they go perfect with the wall.

I gathered all my items and rearranged them out on the living room floor first before I started hammering into the wall with nails.. 
This was actually the hardest part of the whole deal.. It took forever rearranging and replacing where I wanted everything so it all looked good.
I'm really pleased at how it all looks!
Much better than the mish mash it used to be!..
It looks neat and clean && it isn't an eye-sore now everytime I walk in the entry room!

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