Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"The first N-o-e-l, the Angels did say"......

Tawk of the Day: .. Lady Gaga is becoming a priest so she can marry gays.... wow, what is this world coming to?

Hello :)
So I have this round coffee table in my living room that totally needs an awesome table topper!
... I had a plan  ;)

Here is my awesome Coffee Table Topper.

It is like a short table runner.. Woven Burlap! .. (my new love)
If I could redo my home in Burlap I possibly would.

You will need:
Measuring Tape
Brush for fabric paint (I used an old makeup flat brush)
Fabric Paint (I used black instead of the red shown here)
Crochet needle & thick string (not shown, sorry)
...and a 'noel' printout (oops, also not shown)

Cut 3 strips of burlap 28 inches long.
& 7 burlap strips 13 inches long.

Weave them all together.
Next you will sew them together (shown here) with a crochet needle and your string.

In no particular measurement, start stitching your work. Just eyeball it, it'll look fine..

Print out a word for your table topper/half of a runner..
I got mine from Picnik.com
I also got one where the letters were in cursive.. that way when you cut it out it's gonna be just one piece of paper rather than lose letters.

Place your printout where you want it!

Trace it with SHARPIE!

Take your fabric paint and brush..
(yes, that is a sephora brush... expensive brush, but it sucked so I put it to greater use.)

ALL DONE.. So Easy..
Minus all the breaks from holding Jayden, feeding him, and paying attention to him;;;
Took probably a total of an hour??..

When it's all done, you can add some coolness to it by sewing 'x''s.. this will also help to keep the weave together :)

Decorate it on top to finish off the look.
sit back and stare at it (all night) lol
I love it.

Stay tuned for more lovely-ness*

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