Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crocheting a Purse-Pouch

Tawk of the day::  "I love the way you hold me, Promise that you'll never leave.. You take each & every day.. Make it special in some way... Lord I love the way you hold me."

Hello :)
Meet my purse..

Meet its mess..

Meet my purse's new best friend..

This little crochet'd pouch is the best thing that's ever happened to it ;)

Look how neat it now looks;;

This is awesome for a purse with NO pockets what-so-ever, besides the little zip pocket.. This is great for holding your favorite lip glosses, your tampons, extra cash/change, pens, etc..

Want to make one too??
All you need is a J/10-600MM crochet'r
A button
I did 35 rows of 16 chains..
Single stitch..
*Remember wherever you want your hole to be for your button, do not do the single stitch in that particular row, JUST LINK whatever length you think you will need for your button & continue to single stitch

-Once you have your 35 rows crochet'd, flip up the bottom to create the 'pouch' and crochet the sides together.. 
-Flip inside out.  
-Sew a button on.
-Fill it and Enjoy it!


  1. Such a great idea and perfect for keeping your purse tidy! Thanks for linking up and sharing!