Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moss Letter Ruffled Burlap Wreath

Tawk of the day: 
What if you woke up today 
with only the things 
you thanked God 
for yesterday?

Remember my kitchen Redo??

Well, right now I have a strong love for wreaths :)
So I decided, since my kitchen decor is a light green/white, birds/garden theme, I decided to make a wreath to go perfectly!..
Here is what I came up with..

:: RUFFLE BURLAP WREATH Supplies you will need ::
:: Scissors
:: Measuring Tape
:: Burlap
:: Hot Glue Gun
:: Styrofoam Wreath (whichever size you want)
:: Material to attach wreath to door hanger
(And for my door hanger, I actually cut off the bottom part of a door-purse-holder.  I cut the elastic off the metal piece and attached material to the metal piece to hold my wreath!!) .. I'm always thinking ways to save the big $

:: Other items I used to make mine garden-y and birds-y ::
:: 2 Birds nests
:: Fabric Flowers
:: Hand-Made MOSS Letter 'M' (My next tutorial, directly after this post will be How to make it!!)

First, wrap your wreath in 3 inch wide burlap.. (Around 76 inches long)

Next, cut 9 strips of burlap 4.5 inches wide, 85 inches long/per.

Now go 3/4 inch into the burlap on either side and start bunching it, causing it to ruffle...
To make it a little easier so the string doesn't pull out, bunch it 3/4 of the way down on one side, then follow that string to the end of the other end of the strip and start bunching the rest..

Now take one strip and place it like so::

Start wrapping it around the wreath like so::

Til eventually it is all covered like so::
(Depending on how RUFFLE'D your strip is, it all depends on how many strips you will need.. I ruffle'd mine pretty tight.)

Now.. Hang your Wreath wherever you would like.
(I hung mine before I added all the accessories!)

I added some of these FABRIC FLOWERS:::

I followed THIS tutorial from Jones Design Company to make them!! I LOVE THEM!!
[These Flowers are actually made from an old T SHIRT!!]

I attached the nest with a crochet needle and some thick string.
I hot glued the Moss Letter and Fabric Flowers.

My kitchen is soooo small so I was limited on where to place it!
But wreaths make ANY area that much neater and nicer.. I placed mine on the basement door so when you enter the kitchen, you are looking straight at the wreath when you walk into the room! :) .. I think I'm in LOVEEE.

I added a few more flowers yesterday, cause they are just so much fun to make!! :)

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  1. great tutorial. I love how the ruffle makes it so full! love this wreath!! Thanks for linking up and sharing!