Monday, February 27, 2012

'Chicken Scratch' boards

TAWK of the day // "If it's important to you, you'll find a way.. and if not, you'll find an excuse."

chicken scratch boards..

Here is what you need:
~Picture Frame (Empty)
~Chicken Wire
~Clothes pins
~Hot Glue Gun
~1 piece of scrap book paper
~Mod Podge

So today, me and the little one walked into the thrift store for a frame to make a chicken wire memo board..
& we found the perfect one.. but it didn't have a price tag :(
(normally if it ain't tagged, then they won't sell it..) .. but the nice guy said he'd go get me a price tag!

for $2.49.. I wish they had more of this frame..

I took it home, put the little one down for a nap, and immediately got to work!

I took out all the staples and glass and picture..

Next, I cut out a piece of chicken wire to fit the inside of the picture (where the picture itself would go.
-it looks better and neater)..

 I took the piece of oval cardboard from the frame and lathered it up with mod podge..
I cut out a piece of scrap paper that would fit, and placed it on like so...
(the chicken wire will be covered this way, preventing scratches to the wall or worse, yourself!)

I took the frame outside (since it's over 50 degrees here) and decided to spray paint this one..
After a few coats and minutes drying in between, I brought it inside to finish it.

After looking at the frame, I decided to antique it, by glazing it with Behr's glaze tinted flat black.
It looks better, don't you agree? :)

I took hot glue and placed it going around the chicken wire & immediately stuck the now fancy looking cardboard background over the wire!..

Last, but not least, add some mini pins!!

.. Here are a couple that I have made before..

Don't be a 'Chicken'... and go make one!!


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