Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chicken Wire Photo Display Frame

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Chicken wire....
It's everywhere! 
I had a bunch left over sitting in my basement along with empty frames..
So I grabbed the biggest frame there was and figured out where I would put it..
I had the perfect spot! in my kitchen where people would pass it as they went out the kitchen.

First I spray painted it in Rustoleum, Heirloom White.
 Then after a couple coats of that I let it dry.. Then I brought it in the basement to cut a piece of Chicken Wire to JUST fit the backside of the frame where the glass would be going..
** I took that piece of chicken wire outside and sprayed it black.
I didn't want the chicken wire to be silver.. I wanted to add some 'country' to it.
 After that dried.. 
I brought both the frame and wire into the house and immediately go to hot glueing!
** I flipped the frame over and placed the chicken wire where I wanted it and started hot glueing ALL the sharp ends of where I cut! .. (This will take away scratching on your walls as you figure out where you would like to place it, and keeps from slicing you!!
After I got allll my hot glueing done, I didn't add anything else to the back.. That's pretty much it.
Now just flip over after glue dries and add your pictures you'd like to display with mini clothes pins!
I made sure to let some Chicken Wire peak through, beings that is the AWESOME part of this project!!

This frame totally changes the whole look of my kitchen!
It looks as if it were time consuming, but really this only took a matter of about 30 minutes!! from start to finish.

Jordann *JHouseTawk*

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