Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Nonna' Wreath

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"Be kind to everyone you meet.. They're all fighting a battle you know nothing about!"

Hi all:) Today I will be showing you a cute little wreath..
So if you're interested, keep scrolling! :)

 The wreath tutorial I am going to show today is actually a 'Copy-Cat' to the NONNA WREATH found @
Instead of wool like she used, I will be using felt because I have some left over here and don't feel like buying craft stuff I do not need to! :)
You will need:
ANY wreath like this or a styrofoam one.
Spray paint (cause I sprayed mine the same color of felt I used!)
Felt .. (or wool)
Hot Glue Gun
 Since I was using felt for this wreath, I spray painted my wreath black so if any wreath showed through the felt you wouldn't really be able to tell!! ;)
 Not exactly sure the lengths of these felt strips, prolly 3/4 inch wide and 60 inches long.. and I used 5 of this for this little wreath! I guess it just all depends on how much bunching and scrunching you do!
Just a close up of how I was doing this.. It may not be the exact same way as JonesDesignCompany, but it worked for me!! :)

ALMOST DONE!! keep bunching, scrunching, and hot gluing!!

(The only reason the unpainted part of the wreath is showing is because it's reflecting in the mirror!.. I couldn't really get a dead on picture of this wreath cause the flash made a big mark on it)

The little flower you see on this wreath can also be found at as well!!
Under the tutorial, 'Flower pin.'

Thanks for stopping by the JHOUSE!

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