Monday, April 30, 2012

Bathroom Window Pane & Banner

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Hi all :)

Today I will show you how I revamped an old 3 pane window that I received from my good friend.  She lives in an old farm house so she has tons of these stored away in her attic! {score!}
I had in mind that I wanted to hang this on the wall somewhere in my house, but didn't realize how freaking heavy these suckers were!
Well, we are actually planning on redoing our one bathroom wall, so I thought this window would look perfect above the toilet when I fix her all up!

Here is the grungy looking window before I laid my hands on it:

I decided to paint my window a greenish color, since my bathroom is in green and pink.
( I did a couple coats )
I do not have the color on hand, but I do know it's S.W. If you'd like to know the name, please leave me a comment, and I'll be sure to get it to you! ;)

My bathroom is all done up in a 'le jardin' paris theme, so with my friend's cricut machine, I cut out the words Le Jardin and placed it right onto the window..

I thought about mod podging  some photos behind the windows of family and friends, but I knew that someday down the road I'd probably get sick of looking at this decor in the bathroom and want to switch it out some time... so I could probably resell it at a craft show or what not..
So I thought about mod podging some gift tissue wrap paper instead! .. This plan sounded genius to me.

This is the window with tissue paper all dried..
What do YOU think of this idea?.. It's definitely different, but I think I like it.. 

I wanted something for the middle of the window, either a wreath or a homemade banner..
I chose the banner. I have enough wreaths in my home! 

 For the banner I used:
Mini Clothes pins
Scrap book paper (left overs from my 'family rules' tutorial)
old material (an old pillow case)
Scrap book scissors with wavy edges..
and regular scissors
I traced out circles with bowls and cups for the scrap book paper and material..
Cut the material out w/ regular scissors
& the scrap book paper with wavy scissors..
Folded all of my circles in half, putting the material inside the scrap book paper.
(I made 5 of these)
Then cut desired length of string to hang them on..
put the string inside the material part of the banner..
then attach them all with clothespins onto the string!! 
That's about it, super easy, and super cute!!

This is just a close up of the handmade banner that I made..

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  1. This is so awesome! I love how it turned out. I would love for you to link it up at our party.