Monday, April 23, 2012

"every little thing is gonna be alright."

I came across this handmade sign out of a piece of scrap wood,
I really liked this piece and wanted to make something of the sort, but wasn't [too] thrilled with the saying.. I mean, it's a great thing to instill in your children and it's a great song.. but not for me!
I then searched and searched for another quote on Pinterest & Google images with the sayings "Religious quotes" "Quotes" "DIY signs" .. then I found this:
I loved the saying.. Every one complains about the littlest things in life while they're people out in the world fighting for their life or going through tough times, ... And you're complaining over spoiled milk? Really?  I lost my grandma a year ago to lung cancer and ever since then I realized more that life is precious.  We ALL need this saying SOMEWHERE in our homes.

These are the supplies you will need for this:
1.  Piece of scrap board.
2.  Paint
3.  Paint brush
4.  Foam brush
5.  Stain/Poly mix (whatever finish you prefer!.. I used Oak)
6.  Sander
7.  Cricut expression
8.  Decal sheet (I used leftover contact paper.. Hey! it works!)
9.  Scissors
10.  Hammer
11. Something to put on the back to hang on the wall.. 

(Sorry, I have no step by step photos for this, but it is pretty easy to understand... Just KEEP READING!!)

1.  Sand over your scrap piece of wood.
2.  Paint a color on your board for the background color, I painted mine a whitish beige.
3.  With your cricut cut out your quote/saying for your board.
3.  Poke out the letters from the decal paper and use the backgound only. (BE SURE TO SAVE THE 'FILLING' FOR THE o's, a's, e's, p's. .. ETC.)
4.  Place the "saying" where you'd like it to appear on your sign..
5.  Using a foam brush, dip it in the paint you want your words to appear in.. Do not use too much paint.. I dabbed it several times onto a piece of cardboard until there wasn't much paint on my brush.
6.  Let dry for a few hours.. Now take your decal off (remember the centers of the e's a's p's.. etc.) Start sanding once again! get all the edges to give it a 'distressed' look and go over the quote/saying to soften the edges.  I went around the edges pretty good cause I wanted my sign to look OLD.
7.  Coat one time with Stain/Poly.  Let dry over night!
S.i.m.p.l.e A.s T.h.a.t

Thanks for stopping by!!
Hope you liked it
:) xo.



  1. aw, what a sweet saying and cute sign! i love the distressed, rustic look. we'd love for you to link this up to our Sunday Best link party going on right now.

  2. What a cute sign! Isn't the cricut so much fun!? Your projects always turn out so good!

  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing :)

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