Wednesday, April 18, 2012

INFINITY scarf..

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Okay.. I know there are plenty of scarf tutorials out there, but I decided to make my very own to share with youns! (that's my Pittsburgh slang for ya)

This 'infinity' scarf is so easy, all you will need is:
~Sewing Machine
~2 Old shirts
Have two shirts in mind that you would like to use.. Keep in mind that you may not want to choose one just because you don't like the color or pattern anymore, beings it will be wrapped around you neck!  Maybe one you love, but it may not fit right anymore, or one that would look super cute as a scarf ?

1.  Pick 2 tops of choice for your scarf.  I chose a hot pink tanktop and a white with speckled pink 'long john' material top.
2. & 3. (pretend the shirt is cut off just under the sleeves and right above the seam on the bottom of the shirt)
4.  Cut evenly sized 4 pieces of material from both shirts.

5.  Cut the end seams off of your shirts.
6.  Line them up on the floor in the pattern you would like your scarf to appear.
7.  Sew the ENDS of the shirts together FIRST.  Then sew all the sides together once you have just 2 long pieces of material.
8.  Put your whole arm in the center of your scarf and grab the end of the scarf and pull through, kind of like it's inside out.

9.  This is what your infinity scarf will look like once it's 'inside out'.
10.  Now, this part could be tricky.. with both open ends meeting eachother.. sew one side as if you were  sewing the sides earlier..
11.  It will look like this
12.  Now on the other side fold the ends inward and just sew a straight line over them..  
(Don't worry how this kinda looks dumb, you'll just wear this side on your neck so no one will see it anyways).

NOW , you have your very own INFINITY SCARF for more than HALF the price tag on one in the stores..! I love these, cause you can wear them NUMEROUS ways!!
So cute and cool and better yet, CHEAP!

Just a few extra pictures of the infinity scarf.. wear the scarf like the far right picture.. or the far left picture:)

Total time making this project: 30 minutes!!!
(Nothing was bought to make this which is BETTER YET!!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! 
I think I'm gonna make a couple more!!


  1. Very fun! I have some fabric in my studio that has been in need of a purpose and I think it has been found! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thankyou! I'm glad I could do some inspiring..! :)

  3. Turned out great! This is being featured today at {Junk in their Trunk}, thanks for linking up!!