Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make a simple keepsake from your wedding

So I was cleaning out the spare bedroom for 'spring cleaning' and I came across a bag of some of our wedding supplies: candles, candle holders, dress shoes, cake cutter and server, birdseed, cake topper..

I took out the birdseed cause I knew that could be used, and took out the cake topper and just kept thinking of what I could make to display it.. Hmm..

After walking in my bedroom and taking a glimpse of my blue garter with Jason's boutonniere and a couple pins from our 'Poconos' Honeymoon stuck in it.. Hmm..

My brain was in 'craft mode'..

I then just wrapped the garter the cake topper saying "I DO"
and stuck the Poconos pins and boutonniere in with it..
Stuck it in our bedroom where no one else would really see it but us.

Simple idea.. yet a cute personal item to show off!

What do you think? .. Go make your own :)

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