Monday, September 3, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar..

tawk of the day::  So how are you spending your labor day weekend??.. Any fun trips?? We didn't go anywhere.. I'm getting over a serious sinus infection/inner ear infection.. //crazy fun :-/ We are currently having leftover burgers (no buns) and the hubby is having some french fries also.. AANNND. we are watching that "Little People, Big World" show.. It's holding our attention well :)
Well let's get to a project shall we?

Friday night my friend, L and I had a craft night.
This craft night I decided to make a dry erase calendar board..
made with, {wait for it!} .. PAINT CHIP SAMPLES..

Like what you see? .. well here's what you'll need:
1.) one poster frame (18x22) from Target 7.99
2.) dry erase markers from Target 3.49
3.) one pillow case.. I had on hand
4.) hot glue gun
5.)  Scissors
6.) 35 total paint chips from Walmart (I used the Better Homes and Gardens brand, simply because I loved the already there HOLE that they have.. it's where I write the number of the month)
7 different colors, 5 of each.. I couldn't choose what colors I wanted so I had the hubby pick what color shade he liked best.. ORANGE it was :)

1.) take the cardboard of the frame and place it inside the IRONED pillow case.
2.)  place the black frame things on it so it makes it easier to work on :)
3.)  Cut your paint chips down to size, to fit your frame just right! :)  Making sure to leave enough space at the top to write the month!!
4.)  Place them on the board and start hot glueing! 
5.) When you are pleased with your work take the frames off and replace them with the plexi-glass on top..
6.)  Flip it over and cut off the excess pillow case on the back..
7.)  Start writing your important dates, occasions, and appointments!! 

You like?..
I just hung mine on the back of my basement door in the kitchen.. Perfect location.
I love it.. and I love the fact that I can just erase it all and start over for each new month!!
I'm lazy like that ;)

Happy Crafting! :)

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