Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diaper boxes turned STORAGE boxes!

Tawk of the day: // "Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ." -Sheila Walsh

Hi everyone :)

So I'm sure many of you have seen these lovely Storage Bins, all over *Pinterest*

I am a new mother to a handsome 8 month old and I've thrown out plenty of these..

I seen these on pinterest about a month ago, and decided that I could *always* use space savers like these that I could actually set out for people to see because they are so darn cute..

I have a pretty small home and a TON of Movie's that I need to organize and put out of sight because the living room just looks neater without dvd's everywhere!

I decided to store them in the hallway closet..

Here are my two Diaper storage bins..

I simply followed the tutorial from Amy @ Positively Splendid

I followed this tutorial to make the storage bin liners!
..instead of having a drawstring, I just hemmed the bottoms and poked 2 holes to weave ribbon in to make a pretty little bow! .. 

Hope youns save your diaper boxes from now on && save some money by making your own storage bins instead of buying expensive baskets!!



  1. That's some kind of a wonderful idea. I've been looking for some great ways to use the diaper boxes I found and I guess I would use it as storage boxes of my box files.

  2. Wow! These homemade boxes bring back my childhood memories! I was 11 years old back then when my lil' bro was born in '96. My mum used to keep all of our diaper boxes for storage purposes. I’ve built my own toys using those boxes – airplanes, cars and trucks. My mum would normally wrap the boxes with colorful papers to create a nice toy bin for us. The best part is that those boxes also stored the most precious memories – our childhood photos.