Monday, January 7, 2013

I need your opinion!

Hello everyone :)
I have looked online for the answer but am unable to find one..
Here goes: you all know the antique side table I got and posted on here right?
Well anyways, I've heard that old pieces tend to bleed through, especially if you are using old white.. which I am. So I've read and been told that since my piece is dark also that I should use a shellac, white pigmented. I bought the sherwin Williams white pigmented shellac. I didn't test out my furniture for bleeding, but bought it to use to be sure.
My question is: can I get away with painting with the shellac in my basement? My husband said he could put a fan in the window to add ventilation.. I'm also in my 4th month of pregnancy... but I know people still paint when they are pregnant.
I read all the cautions on the back and they about freaked me put when I read to turn off any appliances, etc that make heat lol.
I'm thinking I should just wait until after the baby comes and do it during nap times ? That way I can do it outside where there's plenty of ventilation! I just am so anxious to get it done!! Haha
If anyone reading this has done work with it inside I'd love to get your feedback!!


  1. I can't help with your paint question, but I wanted to tell you congrats on your pregnancy!! I'm so excited for you guys! :)